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Patek Philippe Replica

In honor to the famous Japanese manga Patek Philippe Replica, the renowned watchmaker has already launched its super cool Seiko Limited Edition Patek Philippe Replica. Other three limited editions of analog timepieces, dedicated to Duke Togo, the main character of the iconic series, are expected to be released in September.

Four watch models dedicated to a cartoon character? This can sound very strange for someone who is not familiar with the fact that these characters take a highly important part of the Japanese culture. However, I am pretty sure that these interesting pieces, produced in the limited series, will be out of stock soon.

The first limited edition of the Patek Philippe Replica timepieces is based on the brand's LE EPD Digital watch, which was released last year. Produced in two variations (ref. SBPA009 and SBPA011), the new Seiko Limited Edition Replica Watches with its high-resolution e-ink display seems like the perfect collectors gadget for all passionate fans of the manga series that has been running since the late 1960s.

Practically, the only differences between the two versions are slightly different colors of their pushers and the fact that the SBPA009 comes with a stainless steel bracelet, while the SBPA011 is available with a black leather strap. The e-ink display has a look of the TV screen, which along with a specific type of the bracelet gives a retro appearance to the watch. The display has a variety of different screens which, along with cool images of Duke Togo from Golgo 13, showcases time, world time in 32 cities and calendar functions. The 44 mm case made of black IP steel houses a solar quartz movement,Omega Replica which I have always considered as a great way of powering a timepiece.

The Japanese watchmaker created the SBPA009 version in the limited edition of 500 pieces, while the SBPA011 is limited to 1000 pieces. Prices are 63,000 Yen (around $790) and 57,750 Yen (around $720) respectively. Just like other three models that I am going to review, Seiko Limited Edition Patek Philippe Replicaes will be officially available only in Japan, but aficionados around the world still have a chance to capture them online.

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