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Breitling replica watches

The renowned Japanese watchmaker has created six limited-edition models with a total of 5,000 copies to celebrate the 35th anniversary and the release of Star Wars in 3D. Breitling replica watches Star War Collection includes cool watches for Darth Vader and Darth Maul as well as C-3P0, R2-D2, Yoda and a Stormtrooper Edition.

Each timepiece in the collection has a unique set of elements. Let's start by analyzing the case-backs. They each feature a character from George Lucas' film. A colored case-back is semi-transparent on each mechanical model. This partially reveals a mechanism behind the character's head. It looks really cool. The case-back with Yoda drawn on a semi-transparent window in green, which also includes the legendary phrase "May force be with You", is my favorite.

The engraving on the side case is another unique feature. Each timepiece appears to have the name of the Star Wars character written in "Aurebesh", the language used in the Star Wars universe. The central seconds hands of the Breitling replica watches Star Wars Watches that depict Darth Vader and Darth Maul are painted the same color as their light sabers. What a cool idea! It is the weapon used by Jedi Knights in Star Wars.

The Star Wars Collection is made of steel, and two models are black ion-plated (IP). The dials of each model feature the Star Wars logo, the Japanese brand name and the name Lucasfilm on the caseback. Breitling replica watches Star Wars Darth Vader (replica watches) The Stormtrooper edition is limited to 500 pieces, while the 1,500-piece watch is the most popular. The Japanese watchmaker will also release a "SPECIAL SET", which includes all six Star Wars Watches, as well as a few fun items.

Breitling replica watches Star Wars Darth Vader Watch (Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica). The Darth Vader Watch represents the "dark side" with a 42.5mm diameter black steel case and dial featuring the Galactic Empire logo. This multi-functional travel watch is powered by an 8B54 Caliber quartz movement with radio correcting. The watch's movement is synchronized to six radio frequencies of atomic clocks around the globe and displays the time, day, weekday, and second time zone.

The accuracy of the Breitling replica watches Star Wars Darth Vader Watch is 15+- seconds per calendar month. The sapphire-crystal case has a solid water resistance of 100 meters. The price will be 141,750 Japanese yen, or about $1,820.

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