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The Racing Dial and the Speedmaster's case evolved in 1969. The Speedmaster now had a barrel case that was reminiscent of 70s. The Mark II came with both the regular black dials as well as the Racing Dial which featured a grey dial with a red outer ring. Hour markers were orange and coated with a luminescent pigment along the outer edge of the dial. Further in, there was a second set of hour markers that were white.

The Omega Replica Watches logo appeared in orange on the Mark II Racing Dials. All the hands were white, while the hands measuring the time were orange. For now, keep in mind that the Mark II also had a chronoseconds hand that looked remarkably like the one on the 1968 Ultraman. Wei Koh has already written an extensive story about the Mark II. You can read it here.

Here's when things start to get interesting.Omega Replica Watches A small batch of watches with the Racing Dial was also produced. Watches 145.022-69 were produced during the same time period as the Mark II. Moonwatch Only states that 15 watches have been verified and identified.

Here's a way to suggest that the Racing Dial in the ref. Omega Replica Watches made the 145.022-69 specifically for this watch. The 145.022 69 features a Racing dial in the middle of the dial. It is stepped-up, and the red ring with minute track are placed on the lower step. It is still a mystery whether this dial was designed for production or as an experiment.mido replica The Mark II Racing Dial does not have a step. Instead, the three subdials slope down on either side to a lower central area.

Remember the Ultraman type chrono seconds hand that was on the Mark II watch? The central chrono hand of the 145.02269 was orange but was similar to that on regular 145.02269s with black dials. We can't be sure that this particular attribute is the Racing Dial, 145.02269, as there are anomalies with watches fitted with an Ultraman-type chrono second hand.

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