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Fashion Omega Constellation Replica Watches For Sale

Omega Constellation Replica Watches

In 2004, Omega Constellation Replica Watches introduced the ref. In 2004, Omega Constellation Replica Watches launched the limited edition 3570.40.00 Japan Racing Dial. The dial is a direct copy of the 145.022-1969/70, with all the colors in the exact same order. There is no stepped center but the dial does slope from the sides to the center.

The Japan Racing Dial has been gaining a lot of attention in recent weeks, and prices are rising. Google searches for the watch bring up listings in forums and other places, including some that were posted as recently as 2016, with prices of around US$5,000.Omega Constellation Replica Watches Add Phillips to your Google search, and you will find a piece up for auction at their Hong Kong May 29, 2018 auction. It sold for over US$15,000 including buyer's premium.

If you are looking for a Racing Dial Speedy and really want one, the odds of finding a Black Racing Dial 145.012-667 is astronomical. If you think that Japan Racing Dials will be expensive, Phillips sold Black Racing Dial Speedies twice for CHF 72,500 at the Start-Stop-Reset sale on May 14, 2016, and for CHF 40,000 in the May 12-13, 2018, respectively. It is because the 2016 piece was in better condition that it sold for more.

What about the Mark II Racing Dials? Prices are rising, and there are only 150 watches made during the production period. Fair condition examples are also hard to find. Wei Koh has written an article about the Mark II 145.014 that provides more information.

Three examples of the 145.022 -69 have been found at public auctions. Christie's sold one for US$ 32,500 at their sale on December 15, 2015. Phillips sold one at its START-STOP/RESET sale in 2016 for US$57,500. (Approximated from the CHF57,500 listed sale figure). Sotheby's sold one for US$ 72,500 at its May 14, 2017 auction (approximated based on the CHF 72,500 listed sale figure).

If you want to own a Racing Dial Speedmaster from 2004,U-Boat Replica Watches the Japan Edition is your best option. Grab them while you can, and especially if the price is still under US$20,000. You can be sure that it won't stay on the market for long.

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