About Us

About Us

Süreko Inc. Co., included within the structure of Recydia Group, which makes investment in renewable energy field in Turkey, obtained a ‘ÇED (EIA) Affirmative’ Certificate dated 09.05.2008 with no. 1489 from environment and Forestry Ministry, for "Aegean Region Industrial Waste Disposal and Recycling Plant." Süreko Waste Management Transport Logistics Power Generation Inc. Co. was set up on 01.09.2009, in Kula, Manisa.

Following this certificate, it has speeded up its investments and launched its activities concerning Integrated Waste Management and inaugurated on 5 July 2010.

Süreko provides waste management and disposal services appropriate for any types of industrial wastes for all industrial enterprises and companies. Along with these services, it also offers management services for packaging wastes by its license obtained under the ‘Regulations on Control of Packaging Wastes.’ Business activity fields of the Compnay include the followings:

Primary priority of Süreko is to recover / recycle wastes or generate energy from wastes. When there are not any other feasible options in safe and controlled waste management, the last method to recourse is landfill. Süreko aims to reduce the amount of the waste to be landfilled to the minimum possible level, and believes that waste and source management should be based on the most effective, proven and innovating technologies.

Süreko, which provide landfill services as the last resort for the types of the wastes that can not be recovered and recycled, offers to its customers landfill areas that conform with the most developed norms. Süreko is the first private company that is granted with the authority of establishing landfill areas for the industrial wastes in Turkey.

In addition to Süreko’s existing recycling and disposal facilities, its metal recovery and contaminated packaging recovery plants were also commissioned. Further to these, the investment for the Bio-Drying plant was also completed. Süreko has intensively been continuing its investments for the plant for power generation from the waste based on pyrolysis, and works on new business development projects in line with the expectations of industrial customers.

Süreko also offers planned waste logistics service alongside its integrated waste management methods, thus providing services from A to Z basis and operational excellence to its customers. Süreko guarantees reliable and sustainable integrated solutions, ensuring assistance to environmental protection and prevention of any types of pollutions.

Recydia Inc. Co. and its affiliate Süreko Inc. Co. are the partnership companies of Çimentaş Group, which is one of the respectable enterprises dealing with the cement sector in Turkey.